Friday, May 6, 2011

Millom school gets racing pigeon

North-West Evening Mail
Monday January 19, 2009

A MILLOM school is set to fly high – thanks to a pigeon.

Black Combe Primary School pupils will be the recipients of a specially-bred racing pigeon.

The feathered friend is set to race in competitions all around the country, and any prize money it wins will be donated to the school.

Pupils at the school will also be given the chance to name the bird.

Pigeon breeder Les Cole, 68, of Millom, who is supplying the bird, said: “We, the Royal Pigeon Racing Association, are trying to promote pigeon racing.

“I did the talk to give the children an insight into what pigeon racing is all about. The school’s pigeon hasn’t been bred yet but I took the two parent pigeons in to show them. The RPRA approached me to do it because I had had a good year.

“They had all been looking forward to it. One of the teachers was so excited I had to arrange it so he didn’t miss it.

“Junior school children are the age I want to encourage. We need a new generation of pigeon breeders.”

All pupils at the school were at the talk, which took place in the main hall on Friday.

Black Combe Primary School headteacher Helen Webber said: “It is a very novel idea. It is a part of our history. The children all seem very excited about it.”

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