Thursday, July 7, 2011

Eye Basics

By L T Corby
Eyes N' Herbs
Principles of Iris Diagnosis
and Herbal Remedies
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The pupil is surrounded by the sphincta muscle. This is the darkish almost black ring before you reach the iris. We have noticed this reacts to light or dark very quickly, in fact instantly. The very next time you ring (band) your youngsters, take the baby in your left hand and look at it's pupil, not close up, around eight inches will do. Now shine a light directly into its eye, if nothing happens put a cross against the baby, the pupil must close very quickly. Likewise it must open up the second the light is taken away. It is my estimation that the baby will not see its first birthday in your loft if its pupil does not respond to light or dark. It might win minor prizes on dull days but on bright sunny days it will surely be blinded, therefore it would not be able to orientate.