Friday, June 17, 2011

Keep The Birds Fit

After the training of my young birds up to distances of 100 miles has been completed, there is usually a week's rest as the next toss is at 150 miles. The same procedure is followed in subsequent flights. Then 200 and 300 miles are the distances for the ensuing jumps. Beyond this point a jump to 500 miles is possible. During these rest periods of a week. I believe in four tosses of 30 miles to keep the birds in absolutely perfect physical condition and toned up for the race itself. Also, exercise them around the loft early in the morning.

Care should be used to select fine clear days for these tosses as a disastrous flight in stormy or foggy weather may upset a pigeon so badly as to take it out of any race for some time.

Young Bird Training Methods
by Chas. Heitzman