Monday, November 30, 2009

Recommended Health & Management Books

Pigeons And Their Economical Health Care - Dr Zsolt Talaber

"The new standard reference work, easy to read, and a must even for the most experienced pigeon fanciers"

The Flying Vet's Pigeon Health & Management - Dr Colin Walker

"Dr Colin Walker is a successful pigeon racing veterinarian. The information presented comes from both his veterinary knowledge and his experience gained during 30 years of racing his own pigeons"

Vets' Tips For Fanciers - Edited by Dr Zsolt Talaber

"Written by five leading pigeon vet's, Dr Gorden Chalmers, Dr Wim Peters, Dr Colin Walker, Dr Pascal Lanneau, and Cr Zsolt Talaber"

Other library additions;

Fit To Win - Wim Peters

Pigeon Racing Today & Tomorrow - JWE Stam

A Veterinary Approach to Pigeon Health - Dr David Marx

Healthy Pigeons - Dr L Schrag

Pigeon Health Update 2000 - Dr Colin Walker

TCC Loft - Racing Pigeons - Mike Taylor

HOFKENS CU 07 BORD 7118 Sale Update

Dan Horner, Courtice, Ontario has two Derby Winners directly out of Tony Paszterko's HOFKENS. So when he saw 7118 being auctioned, he couldn't resist bidding.
Congrates Dan! This E.T. inbred cock should be a good addition to your existing HOFKENS.

E.T. NL 96 4025815

"Fastest" vs 90,000 plus pigeons

TCC Loft - Mike Taylor - HOFKENS

The Young Bird Pigeon Racing Manual

The Young Bird Pigeon Racing Manual
Written by Steve Wilson, Aurora, Ontario.

Steve has given Choice Pigeon permission to publish his entire book on their Pigeon Auction site. Mr. Wilson is a Young Bird Team Specialist, and this easy to read publication should be included in your Racing Pigeon library. This book can be down loaded FREE OF CHARGE. Give yourself a holiday present, and ensure to print a copy for a Friend. Visit CHOICE PIGEON today!

Saturday, November 28, 2009


HOFKENS - CU 07 BORD 7118 Pied Blue Bar White Flight Cock Bred by Tony Paszterko, was auctioned and sold on choice pigeon ( last night for $1,000.00 CAD$. Bidding started at $200.00. There were 27 Bids, and 1,930 views (hits) on site. This cock is a replica of E.T. and Breeder's Best, and will definitely satisfy it's new owner.

TCC Loft - Racing Pigeons - Mike Taylor - HOFKENS