Sunday, July 22, 2012

YB Feeding in the Middle of the week

It will be quite sufficient if we withhold towards the middle of the week, let us say Thursday morning, a third of the usual weight of food. All the other meals up to basketing time will consist of the ordinary weight. You will be surprised about the salutary influence of this smaller ration, once a week. The other days they stay under the impression that they do not receive enough and at the first signal they will come in just like the old birds. If your management is correct, they will act similarly when homing from a race.

Discussed in The Practical Side of Pigeon Racing
by Leon Petit
May 1952

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Watch the Moult

Watch the moult, don't under any circumstances ship one whose bare ears you can see, or one with more than a normal pair of feathers missing in the tail.

Taken from Widowhood Flying
by Mark Gordon