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The links below include current weather, space weather, Magnetic Field study, and how these can affect the pigeon's homing ability. 

Current Weather,

Pigeon Homing: Observations, Experiments, and Confusions
Author: Dr Charles Walott

NASA studies the  earth's inconstant Magnetic Field

Bird's can 'see' Earth's Magnetic Field

Stanford Solar Center asks "How do pigeons navigate?" - Where can pigeon racers get solar activity data? studies Solar Storm criteria that can affect pigeon navigation, and alerting pigeon fanciers world-wide to conditions that may result in the loss of their birds.

Confused Homing Pigeons and Space Weather

Geomagnetic Activity and it's Effect on Racing Pigeons, by Bilco

Homing Pigeons have been observed to become confused during space weather disturbances and can even be lost, NASA - Fun Facts

Space weather, Solar Storms & Pigeons

TCC Loft - Mike Taylor