Mitochondria - the cell within the cell.

In most animal species, Mitochondria are primarily inherited through the maternal lineage, and these energy cells can determine lifespan potential. How do these cells work within the racing pigeon? How are these Super Cells inherited? How can these cells be enhanced, and will this improve our racing and breeding stock? Can we feed these cells, and can we reverse cell degeneration?

Anyone able to read this blog has the capability of searching the Internet for the thousands of answers to the thousands of questions we could be seeking on this topic. Hopefully these links will start our journey.

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Molecular Expressions describes cell structure and aerobic respiration

Mitochondria Biology is a multi-dimensional site touching on cellular respiration, structure, and cell facts

"Mutations in mitochondrial genes can lead to a number of mitochondrial disorders. The Muscle or Brain are most commonly affected since they rely so heavily on mitochondria for their energy needs"

"Researchers who study aging have long suspected that mitochondria play a role in aging"

"A strong immune system may increase an animals lifetime but lead to lower fertility"

"The phosphorylcreatine shuttle"

Balancing the mitochondria presentation with the "Population Genetic Theory"