Thursday, December 4, 2014

Jim Jenner proves Richard Louv on track

How powerful are pigeons in the lives of children? And why should parents and educators care?

Jim Jenner has a new film that answers these questions in spades. Called "Young Wings" it's a heartwarming story designed to convince non-pigeon ...people to look at our birds with new understanding. It premiered at the official opening of the new American Pigeon Museum in Oklahoma City in June.

Less than a half hour in length the film reveals the undying power of pigeons to improve children's emotional well-being as well as stimulate award-winning academic performance through hands on study of the birds.

The five-year production was sponsored in part by contributions from pigeon groups around the world, but you can also contribute to Jim's work on films like this. Remember to leave a "tip" after the film if you like it!

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